Tech Law Recruiting, Inc.® has experience placing attorneys and agents in the Intellectual Property field since 1986. The majority of our positions are for patent attorneys and patent agents, but we have clients seeking trademark and licensing attorneys as well. The Patent Bar membership is only a sliver of all the agents/attorneys practicing in the United States. Due to the specialized nature of this legal community, precise recruiting methods must be employed. In order to be constantly alert to the intellectual property marketplace, we have developed an extensive database containing hundreds of client corporations, firms, and thousands of applicants. 

If you are an employer who wants thorough, efficient service from the time a position description has been provided to the time an offer is made, then Tech Law Recruiting, Inc.® can assist you. For candidates who want a recruiter who is not just interested in the quick easy placement, but who will work with you for as long as it takes to find the most suitable position, then we hope you will give us that opportunity.