In this field since 1986, we have seen legal hiring dramatically fluctuate. One area of legal practice that has remained constant is intellectual property, particularly patent law. The majority of our positions are for patent attorneys and agents, but we also have positions for trademark, copyright, and licensing professionals.

We maintain a close working relationship with patent counsels and human resources directors, as well as hiring partners and recruiting coordinators with general practice firms, corporations and patent boutiques. Working on a nationwide basis, we make no pretense that we can effectively handle all available IP openings. We do cover all of the patent arts for our client firms and corporations, and all of our fees are client paid.

We realize that many applicants we speak with are currently not giving serious consideration to making a career move, for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons attorneys and agents accept new positions are: the motivation to leave private practice and join a corporate legal department, an opportunity to diversify their intellectual property practice, an interest in relocating to a specific part of the country, or a desire for compensation comparable to their level of experience.

Many recruiters would like a candidate to work exclusively with them. While this might be ideal for the recruiter, the reality is that candidates often work with multiple recruiters. Tech Law Recruiting, Inc.® accepts this as the “market reality.” However, the more agencies a candidate works with the more chances there are for their resume to be sent somewhere without their knowledge. Anyone that sends us a resume can be assured that it will only be presented to a potential employer with their full knowledge and approval.

Below is a brief questionnaire that helps us assess your marketability.